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    C4 eLED L2   View

    The C4 eLED L2 is a major upgrade to one of the world's favorite dive lights. Boasting a significant increase in lumen output, new optics innovations, and all the good stuff you loved about the original C4, you'll love the L2 for any type of diving.

    Available with standard alkaline C-cell batteries, or with an optional upgrade of a rechargeable battery pack. Get up to 1000 lumens of light with the NiMH rechargeable battery, which is approved for airline travel in checked baggage, and will last 10 years with proper care.

    You'll notice the difference with UK's patented optics system, which guides nearly 90% of the lumen output to the center of the beam. This reduces glare and backscatter, and results in a greater seeing distance. Many other lights only focus 40% of their total lumens in the beam, the rest being lost in the periphery. This is why the UK C lights look brighter than other lights that may claim a higher lumen number. 

    UK C4 Beam


    C8 eLED L2   View

    The world's most popular primary dive light, Underwater Kinetics' C8 eLED, has also been upgraded into a brighter, lighter, better version. The C8 eLED L2 is capable of producing 1200 lumens on high mode with the rechargeable battery pack, enough light for practically any diver anywhere to light your way. 

    The C8 is equipped with a comfortable pistol grip hold, and is selectable with either 8 standard C-cell batteries or a powerful long-life rechargeable battery pack.

    Like the C4, the C8 makes use of the optics system that guides nearly 90% of the peak light output into the center of the beam. This means that light is not "wasted" in the periphery, but lights up right where you're pointing the light.

    If you're looking for a superior waterproof primary dive light, look no further than the C8. As soon as you see the beam it produces underwater, you will not look back at any other light. 


    Aqualite Dial

    Optimal Beam Ratio

    UK’s patented optics system puts 89% of the total lumens into the center beam, delivering outstanding seeing distance with minimal glare. Other lights only put 40% of the total lumens into the center beam.

    Aqualite Mount

    Long Life, Airline Safe Battery

    Rechargeable Upgrade Kit increases lumen output, is approved for airline travel in checked baggage and will last 10 years with proper care.