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    Why are parts the only products that I can purchase from your website? + -

    Our goal is to get our dive products into your hands as quickly and reliably as possible. To accomplish this goal, we've partnered with TUSA as our exclusive distributor. Their wide network of retail locations is simply the quickest way for you to find and purchase a UK product. That goes for lights, hangers, knives and accessories...when it comes to parts, we prefer to handle those directly through our website. Not all dive shops like to stock parts so again, we've made this decision with your best interests in mind. 

    I live outside the US...how can I get a UK product? + -

    Have a look at our international distributors page for a complete list of locations.

    Can I carry my dive light aboard an aircraft? + -

    According to DOT regulations which are enforced by the FAA you can if you remove the batteries from the light. 

    US DOT 49 CFR Part 175.10(a)(23) "With the approval of the operator of the aircraft and as carry-on baggage, electrically powered heat-producing articles (e.g. battery-operated equipment, such as underwater torches and soldering equipment), which, if accidentally activated, will generate extreme heat and can cause fire. The heat-producing component, or the energy source, must be removed so as to prevent unintentional functioning during transport." 

    For more information go to http://asi.faa.gov/Docs/HAZMATByPassenger.pdf.

    Can I get a replacement battery for my: UK600R, UK600RH, UK1200R, UK1200RH, SE200R OR SE400R? + -

    Underwater Kinetics no longer stocks batteries for these products. We recommend purchasing the Powersonic PS-650L 6V 5 AHr lead acid battery from a local battery seller or from Emergency Lighting: https://www.emergencylighting.com800-521-4045

    Can I get a replacement lamp for my UK600R, UK600RH, UK1200R, UK1200RH, SE200R OR SE400R? + -

    Underwater Kinetics no longer stocks lamps for these products. These lamps were custom made to meet UK's high standard for high output, and high color temperature. As the lights which used these lamps were replaced by higher performance models demand for replacements fell below the minimum replacement quantity and the lamps were discontinued.

    Can I use a higher wattage lamp in the Light Cannon 100? + -

    Unfortunately there is only one lamp which will operate in the light. Unlike incandescent lights, brightness cannot be improved by switching to a brighter lamp. The ballast must also be altered to go with the brighter lamp. We are drawing the maximum amount of current from the batteries with the current lamp ballast configuration.  

    Any higher wattage would involve the use of rechargeable batteries to supply the increased power.

    I cannot unscrew the bezel on my C8 (C4, D4, D8, Light Cannon) light, what can I do? + -

    This happens occasionally when the bezel is screwed down too tight and allowed to remain in this mode for a long time. It is best not to store the light with the bezel fully tight. When making the seal, only a quarter turn past the point where the o-ring begins to be compressed is sufficient. Tighter does not make a better seal. There are several options. All require more force. Be careful not to try too hard and hurt yourself.

    Use 2 people. One person turns the bezel while the other holds the case.Heat the bezel in hot tap water before trying to unscrew the bezel.Use an oil filter wrench on the bezel. You can get more torque that way.Send the light to UK for repair.

    What is the proper way to sharpen my Blue Tang Titanium knife? I was told that the titanium is just an outside coating and that if I use a sharpening stone it would probably damage that titanium layer and expose the inner metal and make it prone to rust. + -

    The advantage of titanium is that it is light weight, tough, non-magnetic and will never rust. The disadvantage is that the metal is softer and does not hold an edge like high carbon steel (which also rusts). Our titanium knives are made from solid titanium. They are not just steel coated with a hard outer layer with materials such as titanium carbonitride. Sharpening titanium can be a little more difficult because of the "gummy" nature of titanium compared to hardened steel. It has a lower Rockwell C hardness. It tends to fill up a grinding wheel. It is best to use a diamond filled sharpening tool. Sharpen like any other knife, but be patient. Because the blade is softer, the edge tends to get "rolled." Sometimes using a "steel" to straighten the edge is enough. Here's a good link for general blade sharpening info: http://gpvec.unl.edu/filesdatabase/files/feedlot/sharp1.htm

    Can I use the NIMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries) for Light Cannon? + -

    Yes, our instruction states that Alkaline, NiCad or NiMH can be used for our LC100, C and D-lights. However, we only warrant UK lights against manufacture's defect. If the the battery you purchased from somewhere have some issue, it will not be covered under UK warranty.