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    Get Professional Lighting

    A Truly Versatile Shooting Platform

    Harness the massive power of 2 Aqualite Pros and bring professional quality lighting to your videos and stills. The sturdy universal camera tray works seamlessly with UK's FlexGrip to create a robust yet lightweight platform for your underwater camera and 2 Aqualite Pro video/photo lights.

    • Made from unbreakable graphite filled nylon
    • Disassembles for easy travel
    • Lanyard included
    • 2 Aqualite Pro 1200 lumen photo lights included
    Underwater UK Camera Kit



    Aqualite Duo Lighting Kit One Camera Option

    For Use With Most Compact U/W Cameras

    Specifically designed to accommodate compact underwater cameras like GoPro® (tripod mount not included) and the new Nikon AW-1. Cameras attach to the tray with the included 1/4-20 knob. Perfect for both GoPro and point-and-shoot users underwater.


    Flex Grip Can Be Configured In Multiple Ways

    Detach the Flex Grip from the camera tray and it becomes a shooting tool all on its own.  Use it with one camera and one Aqualite Pro for a quick grab & go setup (great for snorkeling), or get creative and add a second camera for those coveted forward/backward shots. The Flex Grip pivots in all directions to enable maximum flexibility with lighting and camera angles.

    Aqualite Adaptable Arm Movement